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January review 2020 and TOWCESTER DOG UPDATE!

Hi all this is our first in a monthly review of the syndicate for 2020.

We started 2020 on 144 wins and have added 7 wins to this tally so far this year, OREO winning at Sheffield for the Draper kennel, Oreo went on to run his first open race over 6 bends and hes having a little rest at the moment, before hopefully he will continue where he left off at the end of 2019.

ZELDA has been our best performer winning twice in a week at Henlow, THE CHAMP trainer MARK WALLIS shes also had a trial and a race at Crayford it the last week, but the 714m distance proved too far for our girl last Saturday night in the golden jacket trial stakes.

IZZY got her debut win out the way in Henlow in an A10, she came over from IRELAND very green and is really starting to show some signs of real quality and fully expect her to start making her way through the grades In the coming weeks and months, shares are still remaining for sale at £250 for 5%, it is expected that when Towcester reopens this young lady will ply her trade at the countries leading track.

WINSTON also has won this month in an A5 and was unlucky not to follow up in an A4 later on in the month, this boy is very under rated as this level of race is a decent grade and shares remain just £50 each with no kennel fees.

BILLY had a trial at the weekend after a winter break and trailed in at Monmore very well, exciting to see him back on the track.

EVITA is having a turn at sprinting for the moment at Henlow.

Over to the KEV HUTTON kennel and CIARA has been running ok after an awesome sprint win at the turn over the year, shes going to have a well earned couple of weeks off now.

ANNA THOMPSON has been a busy bunny at Nottingham with POPPY getting her head in front and generally running well, VIXEN has had a sequence of runs at last and is showing improved form, she had a trial at Central Park over the weekend and we are hoping she gets on the card for this coming weekend there.

YOGI (shares still available) has been progressing well at ASKERN in his trials and will be hitting the track shortly at Nottingham, he looks very exciting, especially with his littermates running very well over at POOLE and we have Yogis brother LES soon to trial at Monmore, the Richards kennel have just brought SASHA back to the track after a little lay off and sadly we have had to announce the retirement of XENA to her sofa.

BORIS was very unlucky in his last couple of runs at Romford and he will soon be winning at his new home shares are just £60 with no kennel fees with the JEAN LILES kennel.

Over at NEWCASTLE QUEENIE is having a season for JIMMY FENWICK and she will come back much stronger as she still very young and open to come on loads over the summer.

FINALLY over in IRELAND we have had PADDY having his first official trial at SHELBOURNE for trainer MAGGIE BOLTON and he has shown a lot of potential both on the track and up the gallops, 2% shares with no kennel fees are £170 and he will be a huge amount of fun!

ALSO in Ireland we have finally purchased our TOWCESTER DOG for new syndicate trainer LAURENCE TUFFIN, the Tuffins are going to be based at the actual Towcester track itself, so ideal for locals to the track to visit and give TLC on a Sunday morning.

TOWSTAR STEVIE has been bought out of the highly successful Ian Greaves SWIFT breeding kennels, SWIFT TORPEDO is a Sept 18 Pat C Sabbath / Swift Foundry.

Swift FOUNDRY having already produced a Henlow puppy derby winner and STEVIE producing some cracking trials at NEWBRIDGE it was an easy decision to purchase him to run at TOWCESRTER when it reopens middle April, in the mean time the BOLTON kennels will look after Stevie until end of March.

Shares are just £99 with no kennel fees and are already selling well and wont be available for long, ive high expectations for these latest additions to the syndicate.

I hope you have enjoyed our round up and you all enjoy your February of racing!!

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At the time of writing this, Towstar currently has 174 wins to it's name and are adding more runners around the country.

Our latest recruits are getting ready for racing with both Towstar Paddy and Towstar Arnie over in Ireland with Margaret Bolton, and Towstar Stevie with laurence Tuffin at the new Towcester circuit.


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