• Jonathan Newman

April Newsletter.

Hi all, well what an awful period of existence we are all currently living through. Ive no need to go into what’s happening in the world at the moment other than to say I hope you are all managing to keep well and we have to stick together through these tough times.

On to the racing side of things and we couldn’t have finished in better form with our Irish raider Towstar Paddy winning his two starts at Mullinger for trainer Maggie Bolton, his performance in the final being extremely impressive!

Maggie is also currently training Towstar Stevie whom will eventually end up at the soon to be reopened Towcester track, so when racing does restart we have some very exciting times ahead across the water and I know I’m not alone in how exciting it is to have the prospect of Towcester racing again. The improvements made to the track look superb and it looks like it will be a stiff test for dogs.

Whilst on the subject of Ireland we have purchased a 13 month old puppy currently named Swift Turban, he’s pictured on this post (he’s a gorgeous looking puppy and extremely well bred too!) a 1% share in him is just £99 each with no ongoing kennel fees to pay, it’s a great way to get involved whether your new to the dogs or have always been keen to have an interest, he will start life with Maggie and then move across to the UK once his most suited track is decided upon.

We are currently running a competition online to give away a free share in Towstar Boris and also a Gin and Fudge Hamper, don’t delay enter today!

At the Towstars we have some of the best trainers in the business and I’m in weekly contact with them all just making sure both they as trainers and our dogs are all safe and well.

I wish everyone well and hope we return to some normality both in general life and racing life in the not too distant future.


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At the time of writing this, Towstar currently has 174 wins to it's name and are adding more runners around the country.

Our latest recruits are getting ready for racing with both Towstar Paddy and Towstar Arnie over in Ireland with Margaret Bolton, and Towstar Stevie with laurence Tuffin at the new Towcester circuit.


Becoming a Towstar couldn't be easier. We have a variety of shares available at a range of prices to allow everyone to get involved in owning their own professional athlete.

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