• Jonathan Newman

29/1/19 news update

Welcome all, this is the first in our weekly blog that we will be having for 2019 on the Towstar website.

We moved on to 76 winners last week after two wins from BLUE MOON and TOWSTAR DELBOY, DELBOY has been showing great early pace in his few races he has had at Henlow and held on well to win in (28.14), he will move up to A5 grade this week, but wont be long before he is breaking the 28 sec at Henlow.

EVITA ran on the same card, finished second but the winner looks a nice dog, again wont be long before our gets her head back infront!

Today sees us with 3 runners, Towstars WINSTON KANYE and MATT are all running over 4 bends.

Winston has a real chance now down to A5, Kanye will no doubt run his usual consistent race, but the real excitement comes from TOWSTAR MATT, this is his first 4 bend race for 6 months and he has trialled in at A2 grade, this boy is a lovely dog but he has had a few injury problems, hopefully this may be the start of a decent run of races for him an who knows where it may take him!

Thursday sees a very busy day for the TOWSTARS with runs planned for EVITA and DELBOY and also the comeback trials of ARRY and JESS, plus the hopefully final clearing trial for RUBY.

Its been 6 months since ARRY and JESS ran for the syndicate and we can just hope and pray that they come off sound after their trips to the track this week.

Friday sees TOWSTAR POPPY have her first visit to the track in her first 2 bend trial in England since joining Anneliese Thompson at Nottingham, her new owners are very excited to see how she goes on the track.

On the shares front, shares are selling well in TOWSTAR ZELDA with still some remaining for just £60 one off fee with the 10 times champion trainer MARK WALLIS, also we have a few shares remaining in TOWSTAR WINSTON £75 for 5% with £13 a month kennel fee.

We continue to be on the lookout for new tracks to have dogs at to allow more people to enjoy the TOWSTAR experience.

Take care and enjoy the snow!!

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At the time of writing this, Towstar currently has 174 wins to it's name and are adding more runners around the country.

Our latest recruits are getting ready for racing with both Towstar Paddy and Towstar Arnie over in Ireland with Margaret Bolton, and Towstar Stevie with laurence Tuffin at the new Towcester circuit.


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