• Jonathan Newman

16/4/19 update.

Been a busy few weeks for the syndicate since our last update.

The start of the period was slow in the winners front they we had a purple spell with a hat trick of winners at one point and the syndicate has moved onto over 90 winners now.

The highlights being the win from Towstar ARRY in the semi final of the Bunny GOLD CUP at HENLOW @16/1, SASHA winning a sprint at Monmore in her return and ZELDA winning is a cracking time of 27:96 which was a huge improvement from her and is now up in grade to A6 and still has shares available for a one off £60 which is amazing value to get involved with one of the leading syndicatea in the UK.

Two of our trainers have been involved in car accidents and I’m so pleased that both Anneliese and Kim came off safe and sound from their accidents, both lucky ladies!!

Our new girl TOWSTAR CIARA has started to have some trials before she takes her chance in the maiden derby at HENLOW, she improved 50 spots from her first and second looks, it’s probably come a bit soon for our new lady but she will come on a ton for getting some racing into her and it’s still not too late to get a share in her for just £130 nothing more to pay, trained by KEV HUTTON she has a bright future ahead.

Long Encore is our newest recruit a July 17 puppy that is bred in the purple, he will be trained by the legend that is Seamus Cahill whom is attached to Hove, he arrives in the UK tonight and we are expecting Big things from the pup who has already done a sub 29 trial in Ireland, shares are £300 for 4% of the dog and 50% has already been sold.

The ever popular TOWSTAR POPPY trials again this weekend after some bad luck and rough races, whilst Towstar XENA has moved kennels to join EMMA RICHARDS at monmore, whilst the very popular Towstar Tommy has had to retire due a recurring injury and we are looking at different routes of rehoming him currently.

BILLY, DELBOY and BLUE MOON have all won in there turns and it won’t be long till we have our 100th winner, a great achievement for a syndicate.

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At the time of writing this, Towstar currently has 174 wins to it's name and are adding more runners around the country.

Our latest recruits are getting ready for racing with both Towstar Paddy and Towstar Arnie over in Ireland with Margaret Bolton, and Towstar Stevie with laurence Tuffin at the new Towcester circuit.


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