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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for The TOWSTARS SYNDICATE. (TOWSTARS)

The syndicate owner agrees to buy a share in a greyhound syndicate under the following terms and conditions. ('Share' means division of a syndicate arrangement and should not be regarded as an investment or security)

1. An application, once submitted, may not be withdrawn. Monies will be returned in full if the application is not accepted. The greyhound is sold as it stands.

2. All syndicated owners are required to sign and return a declaration that they abide by the rules the Companies Terms & Conditions as set out in this document and further, that they fully understand that The TOWSTARS  syndicate has been set up primarily for enjoyment of the sport of greyhound racing and as such should not be considered as a financial investment.

3. Syndicate share holders cannot not be a disqualified or excluded person under the GBGB/IGB Rules. Any owner becoming so will be automatically and immediately disqualified from ownership of any TOWSTAR syndicated greyhound.

4. The syndicate owner will receive a share certificate detailing the ownership for that specific greyhound only. The shares are allocated to each owner of each syndicate and do not represent a share in the TOWSTARS as whole.

5. The syndicate holder will receive his/her share of any prize money won by the greyhound at the end of each formally agreed period (usually every 3 months). Prize money will be defined as the amount credited to the syndicate's account as prize money after the dogs kennel/vets fees have been paid and a contingency fund replenished.

6. The syndicate owner will pay a one off fee for a share in any greyhound offered for syndication in the TOWSTARS and at the price advertised for that share.
There will be on going costs for syndicate members on the said greyhound’s racing career.
Included in the ongoing kennel fees of £15 or £30 per month are the following:
 -Training, Veterinary, Worming, Gallops, Administration Fees and UK travel expenses.

6. (a) Overseas travel expenses, kennel fees and all entry fees will come out of the greyhounds prize money fund.


6. (b) Due to the nature of the sport, injuries do happen and in the event of a large vet bill being presented to the syndicate, you will be liable to cover your share of that bill, if over and above the level that is in the contingency fund.

7. The syndicate owner will be entitled to visit his/her greyhound at the trainer's kennels on any Sunday morning between the hours of 10.00-12.00, this must be pre booked with the head of the syndicate in advance.

8. The formation, administration and management of the syndicate and the racing career of the greyhound will be managed by the head of the syndicate and the trainer.

10. This syndicate will run for the duration of the racing career of the greyhound. Syndicates may be extended beyond the agreed period under agreement with all shareholders and mutual consent of TOWSTARS.

11. TOWSTARS shall retain the right to terminate the ownership of any syndicate owner, whose behaviour in the opinion of TOWSTARS becomes unacceptable or unreasonable to the interests of the syndicate as a whole. In such circumstances one written warning will be issued prior to any action being taken. Should such action be necessary then the owners rights will cease at the date of termination.

12. There is no guarantee of the greyhounds racing ability and at what standard that greyhound may perform at. The syndicate is not set up for financial gain or profit, but for the enjoyment and fun of greyhound racing ownership, all shares in TOWSTARS greyhounds are sold for the duration of their racing careers only with no refunds.

13. Once payment for a syndicate share has been received and this form signed it will be deemed that the share holder has read and agreed to the terms and conditions that have been outlined above.


14.Once a Share is purchased it remains purchased and once in your name, cannot be sold on to a third party or transferred without the permission of us, All dogs remain the property of the Towstars syndicate, for Dogs with a renewable kennel bill you will have 31 days to pay the kennel bill for the next month if you fail to pay we will contact you again giving you a final 14 days if still unpaid your Share will become forfeit and you will no longer be a share owner in the dog or share in any future profit.




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At the time of writing this, Towstar currently has 174 wins to it's name and are adding more runners around the country.

Our latest recruits are getting ready for racing with both Towstar Paddy and Towstar Arnie over in Ireland with Margaret Bolton, and Towstar Stevie with laurence Tuffin at the new Towcester circuit.


Becoming a Towstar couldn't be easier. We have a variety of shares available at a range of prices to allow everyone to get involved in owning their own professional athlete.

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